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Our Leadership

Who We Are


Josh Triestman

President & CEO

In 2010, Josh became the youth pastor at Lehigh Baptist Church in Northeast Philadelphia. Within his time serving there, the youth group more than tripled in size, and yet maintained a family-like atmosphere filled with love and encouragement. The ministry focused on helping students think outside themselves, teaching and showing them about God’s love and how the Word of God is relevant to their world. In 2016, Josh became the pastor of Albion Bible Church, but he continued to work with this youth ministry as it became Ministry Headquarters, Inc. Now HQ not only impacts 30-35 teenagers each week, but it also ministers to people of all ages. Through his role as President and CEO, Josh leads people on missions trips Vacation Bible Schools, and other various service projects. HQ is always willing to serve and Josh is honored to lead wherever God calls.

Rebecca Moreno

Vice President

Rebecca Moreno started with HQ after she was invited out to an evangelical event called Reverb that she has attended with HQ every year ever since. As time passed and she became a regular attendee of HQ’s Wednesday night meetings, she felt inspired by the familial environment and the constant spiritual encouragement that her leaders cultivated. After she graduated from Susquehanna University, she became a full time middle school English teacher, and she has dedicated a huge part of her life to serving as a member of HQ’s leadership team. Becky is passionate about serving God with her life, and feels called to do so through serving youth, both in her career and otherwise. You’ll find her at work coordinating student volunteers at HQ events, preparing and directing VBS programs (puppet skits, group games, lessons, etc.), helping out in the kitchen, or diligently encouraging and enforcing positive behaviors whenever she sees the opportunity.


Ryan Moreno

Youth Pastor & Area Missionary

Ryan Moreno started as a student with HQ over ten years ago when it was simply called “Wednesday Night Youth Group.” Over the years, he developed a love for both ministry and service, which led to him joining HQ leadership in 2014, after he graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Creative Writing. Ryan’s creativity has lent itself to HQ in a multitude of ways. As a leader in HQ, Ryan has helped develop Vacation Bible School programs, created promotional videos, directed children’s puppet shows, and managed student responsibilities at service projects. It’s normal to see Ryan at any given HQ event circling the room with his camera to catch the best HQ moments, both serious and spirited. His passion for fellowship with the teens helps to influence the atmosphere of comradery expected at each and every HQ gathering. That passion has now progressed as he teaches and runs HQ's Wednesday night youth meetings as our youth pastor.

Karen McGuckin

CFO & Executive Secretary

Karen is the CFO and executive secretary to Josh. In addition to these responsibilities, she is responsible for the hospitality aspect of the various events and our weekly HQ meetings. We would like to start an intern program for teens interested in hospitality and she will lead students desiring to serve in that way. She is also instrumental in preparing for many of our service projects and mission trips. She has been involved in multiple church ministries since she was a teen herself. Karen worked alongside her late husband in youth ministry and inner-city ministry for over 20 years. She has two adult children who are getting themselves established as adults.


Allen Matthews

Board Member

Allen became a Christian while attending Warrendale Youth Group in Detroit, MI at the beginning of his eighth grade year.  This had a tremendous impact on him and helped cultivate a passion toward community service. It wasn’t until 2010 when Allen linked up with Josh while attending a men’s prayer breakfast at Lehigh Baptist Church that was given the opportunity to get involved in youth group.  Josh was just taking over the youth ministry for Lehigh and was building his leadership team.  Allen became immediately involved with the day to day operations, logistics, and mentoring.  Since then, he has followed Josh to assist with Ministry HQ while serving on the Board of Directors, fundraising, and serving with the food pantry in Lancaster, PA.  Allen is a commercial airline pilot and has a wife with two beautiful children.


JenNIFER Pinto

Director of Technology

Jen Pinto grew up in a Christian household and formed a personal relationship with Christ from an early age; however, it wasn’t until she was in college that she began to understand the importance of serving others. While attending the college ministry True life, she became the tech team leader during the weekly meeting. That service opportunity led her to helping plant a church, City of Refuge, where she served as the Director of Communications. In 2011, the Lord directed her to volunteer with HQ where she now serves as a youth leader and where she uses her creativity and technical knowledge as the Director of Technology.


Karen Bednar

Board Member

Karen Bednar started working with youth in 2003 when she volunteered as a leader for The Journey Church in Fairless Hills. After several years, she became the director of that youth program until the church's closing in 2014. During that time, she found it to be a privilege to serve the youth and community in that way. Knowing of her love of service in that ministry, Pastor Josh approached her about joining the HQ team in September of 2015. Since that time, it has been an honor to be a part of this HQ journey that God has put us on.

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