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Welcome to Ministry HQ!


In 2010, by the divine hand of God, I became the youth pastor at Lehigh Baptist Church in Northeast Philadelphia. Within three short years, the youth group more than tripled in size, and yet maintained a family like atmosphere filled with love and encouragement, while edifying and building each other. We focused on helping students think outside themselves, showing them God’s love and how the Word of God is relevant to their world.

These students live in an evil, dangerous world, and each day they face battles and temptations unlike any generation before them. The Word of God tells us these battles are not against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness; they are against the evil spiritual forces of the heavenly realms. So we created a place where these young people can come weekly into this environment that not only encourages them, it also teaches them how to encourage others and how to get strengthened by receiving the inspiration needed to face another week. This is how HQ was born.

We found students coming to Christ, being baptized and making decisions to commit their lives to Jesus. They were looking to use their gifts and abilities for their Lord, so we provided opportunities for them to minister and serve through mission trips, Vacation Bible Schools and various service projects (HQ is always willing to help).

While God has decided to move me onto other opportunities (I am currently the pastor at Albion Bible Church –, He has decided that this ministry to youth should continue as Ministry Headquarters, Inc. We have 30-35 teenagers who meet each week at our youth group, we go on multiple missions trips throughout the year, and we provide services for those who allow us to minister to them. Whether a VBS for a church without enough workers, painting a community center, yard work at homes, or helping individuals move, HQ is always willing to serve and I am honored to lead wherever God calls.


President and CEO,
Josh Triestman

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