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HQ Digi-Devotional 6 - Peace, pt. 2

What Does Peace Look Like?

Before I venture to answer that question, enjoy another peaceful song for a few minutes of mindful worship:

God is Great - Indescribably So!

This is the secret to why some Christians are able to tap into that great, unfathomable peace, no matter what circumstances they are in: God is Great--Indescribably So! He is a good father, a mighty protector, the ultimate being on every level and beyond any level we can truly comprehend.

God is amazing and capable of infinitely everything, and He is on YOUR side!

If we truly believe that and understand that it means having the most powerful being in the universe in OUR corner, then how could we possible be afraid or anxious because of our personal struggles, no matter how big or small? The reality is that we don't struggle to find peace because life is hard. I'm not saying that life isn't hard! Life is the hardest thing we will ever have to deal with, and there are incredible difficulties that face each and every one of us every single day. Christians struggle with depression just like anyone else, Christians struggle with anxiety and abuse and self-hatred and unemployment and bankruptcy and bullies and rejection and loneliness and. . .the list goes on and on. We are not shielded from the brokenness in the world, but we do have access the the ultimate source of help!

So if we don't struggle to find peace because life is hard, why is it so hard to find peace?

Our struggle is an internal one, and one based on a lack of faith. Instead of putting our faith in God and believing that He is in control no matter what happens to us, we try desperately to solve our problems ourselves--which hardly ever works.

Peace is not about what is going on around you, it is about an attitude. Peace doesn't look like someone who has it all together, it looks like someone who is calm and joyful and loving despite the chaos erupting around them.

I'll leave you with the advice found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, which reads, "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." If you can figure out how to find joy despite the chaos, how to give thanks despite life's many disappointments, and how to maintain a prayerful relationship with God despite the clutter of your daily schedule, then I promise you that you will also find yourself with a peaceful heart.


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