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Happy New Year

It is amazing that 2021 is here when it seems like 2020 just started, but with all of the challenges and growth that took place in 2020, it is exciting to see what the Lord has planned for Ministry Headquarters in this new year.

In 2020, the world faced so many challenges as the words "COVID-19," "coronavirus," and "pandemic" became regular parts of our vocabulary, and we at Ministry Headquarters were impacted just like the rest of the world. We faced many challenges, but in the midst of those challenges the Lord provided us with new ways to grow, serve, and love.

Youth Ministry & Junior Leadership

Our Youth Ministry has been such a foundation to our organization that the thought of not meeting wasn't even an option. A week before we were set to celebrate our 4th anniversary, everything shutdown and we were forced to find alternative ways to connect, teach, and grow. Like many other organizations, we turned to Zoom meetings. Each week, students were met with games, Bible lessons, and our d-groups. As the weather improved in the spring and summer months, and things started to open up slightly, we were able to meet in a park. Eventually, we were able to meet in person in the building with proper Covid-19 precautions. With there being so much separation in the world due to social distancing, it was always an exciting time to be able to meet, speak, and support each other.

Youth Ministry Meeting in Park

Beyond the changes that came due to Covid-19, a major change to our ministry was the growth of our junior leadership team. Those members of the youth ministry over 18, who had shown great growth in their relationship with the Lord and who had shared a desire to serve as a leader, transitioned from students to junior leaders. In their new position, the junior leaders stepped up by providing updates to students, running our games, and setting great examples to the young students who attend our ministry. It is such an awesome experience to watch these junior leaders serve and give back to the ministry that God used to help them become wonderful young adults.

Food Pantry

If a person was to choose one part of our organization that saw the greatest growth and transformation, it would have to be our Food Pantry. In the midst of a pandemic, there are so many people struggling and in need, and the Lord allowed our organization to help ease their burden.

At the start of 2020, our Food Pantry consisted of us handing out food to 10-15 families every other Saturday from New Creature Baptist Church in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. By the end of the year, our pantry helped provide food to 100s of families from Philadelphia, Lancaster, and part of New Jersey. God used us to reach so many through partnerships with Word in Action Ministries, Caring for Friends, the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA), and Albion Bible Church. Our service includes picking up food from Caring for Friends each week and help delivering and distributing to the other organizations. We also continue to hand out food in Frankford. In a time that caused some much division, the Lord brought us together to show His love to so many.

Photos from our Food Pantry & Serving with Word in Action

Our new partnerships created a wonderful service opportunity for us in September, when we helped support Word in Action's Annual Gospelrama. This event was a day of celebration and evangelism as it featured sermons, singers, and food distribution.

Other Outreach

Due to the pandemic, some of our outreach opportunities needed to be put on hold, such as our Missions Trips and Vacation Bible Schools. Thankfully, the Lord still provided additional outreach opportunities. We were able to assist with yard work, provide baked goods to those in need, and have our Thanksgiving Winter Coat drive (Click Here to learn more about our coat drive).

At times it may have seemed that the world had stopped in 2020, but the Lord kept on moving and continue to use Ministry Headquarters for His love and glory. It will be exciting to know what He has in store for us in 2021.

Happy New Year!

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